Clean Machine Athlete: Allie

Athlete Quick Stats

• Height: 5′ 5″
• Weight: 125 lbs

Contact Allie

Instagram: @allieimpact
Twitter: @allieimpact
Snapchat: AllieTNA
Facebook: Allie TNA

Upcoming Events

  • 08/06 – House of Hardcore (Pasadena, TX)
  • 08/11-08/17 TNA Impact Wrestling TV Tapings (Orlando, FL)
  • 08/21 – SMASH Wrestling (Toronto, ON)

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Meet Allie

Allie Pro Impact Wrestler
I am a Professional Wrestler, Vegan Athlete and a member of the TNA Impact Wrestling Knockouts. I have been a professional wrestler for the past twelve years. It is my passion and has been a driving force in my life. I have wrestled all over the word including tours of Japan, United Kingdom and Mexico. I strive to show people that women’s wrestling can and should be taken seriously. You can catch me on Impact Wrestling which airs Thursday at 8pm on PopTV in the U.S. or The Fight Network in Canada. We also air in the UK, India and Brazil.

I have held numerous championship titles. At one point I held titles from five different North American companies at the same time. I severally broke my collarbone in 2015 during a title match in Philadelphia, PA. Despite the severe break, I not only finished the match but I also won and retained my title. I was rushed to the ER and it was determined that I needed to have surgery to repair the broken bone. I had a titanium plate and seven screwed installed and was forced to take six months off. I made my return to the ring in February 2016 in the United Kingdom.

Ever since I can remember I had difficulties eating meat. I decided to cut meat out of my diet at 14 and became a vegetarian. Eventually, I discovered the horrors of factory farming and committed myself to a vegan lifestyle. It took time, research and patience to completely eliminate animal products from my diet but it was easily the best decision of my life.”


Apart from how much I love the Clean Machine products, Fruit Punch BCAAs being my favorite, the company’s core beliefs fall in line with my own. I wanted to stand beside a company that believed in teaching people about veganism and to show people that vegan athletes are healthy and strong. – Allie


  • 2016 – Ranked #8 of the “Top 50 Women’s Wrestlers in North America” in Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine.
  • Won Bronze for Team Canada in the Lucha Libre World Cup in Mexico City.



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Impact Wrestling's Allie
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