Meet Jessica Ortiz



• Height: 5’0
• Thighs: 20in
• Arms: 10in
• Waist: 25in
• Weight: (off season) 112
• Weight: 100

Connect with Jessica

Instagram_Icon Instagram – @jessi_vegan
facebook Facebook – Jessica Ortiz

Jessica’s Upcoming Contest Dates:

• Sacramento Pro 2015
• Nationals 2015


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Jessica Ortiz


I was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico but moved to Southern California with my parents at the age of 13. I have been a vegan for over two years and a bikini athlete for one year, competing under the National Physique Committee. I have managed to place in all five competitions and earned four national qualifications.

Having graduated from Cal-State Dominguez Hills with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology, I have a wealth of knowledge and an understanding of the social issues related to diet and fitness. This knowledge, coupled with my love and empathy for all animals led me to initially become a vegetarian and later a vegan. I understand both the health and environmental benefits of living a vegan lifestyle. I decided to become a vegan after my father introduced me to the cruel reality of animal abuse. To me, it’s all about the love and compassion for animals, and causing the least amount of harm possible to all living things. I consider one of my greatest achievements to be the moment I decided to use my hobby as a way to educate others about veganism.

Jessica-Ortiz Jessica-Ortiz Jessica-Ortiz


I am a bikini athlete who believes that being a vegan is as much a lifestyle as it is a dietary choice. My goal is to continue building my body on a vegan diet in order to show that vegans can build muscle on a plant based diet. I also seek to make others realize that animals deserve to live a natural life, free from abuse and exploitation. I hope to continue on this journey of veganism and most importantly inspire others to embrace a plant based lifestyle.

Jessica-Ortiz-winnerCompetitive Placings

• 2014- Ironman Naturally – 1st Place in Bikini A & 2nd Place in Overall Bikini
• 2014- Muscle Contest – 4th Place in Unlimited Open Bikini A
• 2014- West Coast Classic- 2nd Place in both Novice A & Bikini A
• 2015- Muscle Contest – 1st Place in Bikini A & 4th Place in Overall
• 2015- San Diego Championships – 1st Place in Bikini A & 3rd Place in Overall Bikini


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