Clean Machine® was created from the belief that people want products to help them be both healthy and physically fit, not one or the other. Clean Machine® offers serious, effective formulas with “first to market”, patented and exclusive ingredients. We are a brand dedicated to bringing you the most powerful, comprehensive, innovative natural products possible. We are committed to providing only clean, natural, plant-based sports supplements, backed by studies, using the same raw materials and dosages used in studies. Our marketing is honest, supported by research (available on our website) and our labels have all of the ingredients and amounts fully disclosed.


To create premium supplements using only the best plant-based ingredients, comprehensively formulated to work with your body to produce the best results, naturally.

Feel good. Look good. Live clean. Clean Machine®.


Geoff Palmer Geoff Palmer, CEO and Founder
When I started out working in nutritional supplement stores, I noticed something unusual. Half the customers were health oriented, buying all natural vitamins and herbs. The other half were buying sports nutrition products full of artificial ingredients. I worked out 4 times a week, ate healthy and was all natural, but I wanted serious, science backed products to help me be in top physical shape, without having to compromise my health. I always wished there was a brand that would give me both.

After over 20 years working in nutritional supplements and sports nutrition, researching ingredients, and creating products for other companies, I was ready to launch my own company. But, I was not going to go to market until I found something that was truly new to the market. Not only did I want it to be different from anything on the market truly innovative – it had to be a home run. What made my search even harder was that it also had to be natural, healthy, legal and most importantly – it had to deliver results.

It has taken me years of research, but I finally found an ingredient that does all that and more. This is why I formed Clean Machine®, to launch Cell Block 80™.

Clean Machine® has several other products in development that are sure to make some waves in the industry. Become a free member of the “Clean Team” to be the first to try our new products coming out in 2013. JOIN OUR TEAM


Clean Machine® products are produced in certified GMP facilities. GMPs or Good Manufacturing Practices (also referred to as cGMP or Current Good Manufacturing Practices), are a set of guidelines that address the principles required in the manufacturing and care of products intended for human use and regulated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). GMPs are established due to common standards set by the industry to ensure products are manufactured safely and with quality assurance. All of our products are third-party tested and we are currently in the process of obtaining additional certifications.



Geoff Palmer, CEO & Founder

Mr. Palmer has over 25 years experience in the Natural Foods & Nutritional Supplements Industry with leading companies such as The Vitamin Shoppe, 24 Hour Fitness, BSN, MRI, Prolab, United Natural Foods, Inc., and Whole Foods. Mr. Palmer worked in the Natural Food Retail, Supplement Retail (Brick and Mortar, Internet and Catalog), Supplement Manufacturing, Gym & Fitness Retail and Natural Food Restaurant channels, holding the positions of Owner, President, COO, Director of Product Development, Sr. Buyer, Business Development Executive, Purchasing Manager, Sports Nutrition Category Manager, Brand Manager, and Retail Manager.

Geoff Palmer is also listed under Patent #US 20090221502A1 for his invention of the first amino acid product to mirror amino acid ratio of human muscle tissue, created the first Heat Shock Protein sports nutrition products, creating the HSP category and with the launch of Cell Block 80™ is proud to be first to market with DM33™.


Robert Guidry, COO/CIO & Co-Owner

Mr. Guidry has over 30 years business experience in sales, management, and operations within the service, retail and IT industries. Mr. Guidry has created and run several successful businesses in the Tampa Bay area. Rob has used his problem solving skills to implement business processes that increased productivity, efficiency and profits. Combined with his 13 years of IT experience, business ownership and operations make him a good fit for Clean Machine®.


Jim Shires, VP Sales and Marketing

Experienced sales and marketing MBA executive in Nutrition, CPG, and Pharmaceutical industries at Met-Rx, Next Proteins, Chef Jays, Warner Lambert and Burroughs Wellcome. Jim has been a key player in developing and implementing the marketing sales plan that included, introducing new brands, gaining new distribution, motivating and managing a direct and broker sales team and category analysis. Jim was also a professional athlete playing in the NHL with Detroit, St Louis and Pittsburgh.