June 07, 2017

What if there was a protein powder that was a complete protein that is also a super food?
And what if that protein were the first and only plant protein comparable to whey and was considered the world’s most complete food source?

Introducing… Clean Green Protein™ with LENTEIN™

Lentein Green Protein

#1 Super Protein. Super Green. Super Omega. LENTEIN™ is considered THE WORLD’S MOST COMPLETE FOOD SOURCE!

LENTEIN™ is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, omega 3’s, and contains 45-50% high-quality protein and more essential and branched chain amino acids than any other plant. In addition to being a complete protein, LENTEIN™ is higher in nutrient density than kale, spinach, spirulina & chlorella

Lentein protein amino acid profile

#2 Clean Green Protein™ with LENTEIN™ is the only plant protein comparable to Whey.

LENTEIN™ has the highest essential amino acid (EAA) content of any plant protein; higher than pea, rice, hemp or even soy. LENTEIN™ is the first and only plant protein on the planet that has an branched chain amino acid (BCAA) profile comparable to whey!

Lentein water lentil protein

#3 LENTEIN™ is minimally processed and is one of the most sustainable food sources in the world.

LENTEIN™ is produced from water lentils, a rapidly growing aquatic plant that thrives in open water. Our water lentils are produced in facilities where 98% of the required water gets recycled, and our ultra minimal processing techniques have been described as carbon neutral!