March 16, 2017

geoff palmer vegan protein with lentein

Clean Machine was just chosen for the “Top 5 Hottest Trends” for the largest Natural Products Show in the world – an incredible honor.

Thanks to our partner, Parabel USA, Inc. for creating and supplying us with LENTEIN™ for our new product Clean Green Protein with LENTEIN™. This is simply the biggest advance in plant-based nutrition ever!

Five Key Expo West 2017 Supplement Trends
By Stephen Daniells, 15-Mar-2017

“Clean Machine announced a market first, with the launch of a “superfood” protein powder with LENTEIN™, a brand of protein rich water lentils sustainably harvested by Parabel USA Inc. “There is a lot of excitement surrounding this supplement because it is formulated with a proprietary blend of ProHydrolase to promote digestibility and actually allow the body to absorb more protein,” said Geoff Palmer, CEO of Clean Machine CEO. “But Clean Green Protein is also an unprecedented innovation in plant-based nutrition because it offers a superior source of protein, greens and Omega 3 fatty acids, all in one product.”