October 26, 2017

Natalie Matthews drinking Clean Green Protein and eating energy bites recipe made with Clean Green Protein!

Photo credit: Billy Dee Williams

protein balls
Clean Green Vanilla Chai Energy Balls!
8 servings, 90cal. 3F/14.7C/3.6P
– Ingredients:
1/2cup or (40g) quick oats
1/4cup or (30g) dry shredded coconut
1 scoop Clean Machine Vanilla Chai protein.
Pinch of salt
6 or (100g) pitted Dates
2-3 tbsp of water if needed
– Instructions:
In a food processor, add oats, coconut, protein powder, and salt. Process until you get a flour consistency. Add dates and process all the ingredients except the water on high until a dough-like consistency is formed. Add water if needed. Form into 8 small balls and enjoy!- Natalie