March 17, 2017

Happy Cow video interview with Geoff Palmer!
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Published on Mar 16, 2017
The World’s Most Nutrient Rich Plant Discovered (Not Moringa!)

Top Vegan Protein Powder and Omega Products at Natural Product Expo West 2017

This unique plant is:

  • The highest source of Protein of any plant known, more than pea, rice, hemp and even soy
  • The highest source of BCAA’s of any plant known, the only Plant comparable to Whey Protein
  • The highest source of Nutrients of any plant known, higher than Kale, Spinach or Spirulina
  • Over 40% of DV of Omega 3
  • Over 20% of DV of Fiber
  • Highest food source of Lutein
  • The most Eco-Friendly plant food with near Zero Carbon Footprint and near Zero Water use

Clean Machine won the NEXTY Award in 2016 with the launch of Ahiflower Oil – Clinically Proven 400% more effective than the #1 selling plant based omega – Flax.

Join HappyCow’s Ken Spector as he interviews Geoff Palmer, the CEO and founder and organizer of Clean Machine. He discusses these miraculous discoveries and products.