May 23, 2015

vegan bodybuilding supplements

Congrats to Jehina on her Pro Debut!

“A couple shots from RX Muscle from the NY Pro!! As I did not place in the top 15 doesn’t mean I’m a loser, I jumped into the 3rd largest Pro show as my pro debut, yes a brave move! This experience just adds fire to the flame for me to keep pushing and working harder and harder!! I’m glad I got up there in such a prestigious show and got my feet wet! You said I couldn’t become an IFBB Pro because I was vegan since birth and I did and now I WILL continue to work even harder and go back to the drawing board with my coach so I can make it to the Olympia stage! It may not be this year but you will see me up there! Yes I’m small, short and tiny but I will train my ass off and make this the best package I can without question to walk on the Olympia stage!”

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