March 26, 2014

Congrats to our Team Clean Machine athlete Korin Sutton for his win at the ANBF Boca Brickhouse Classic. He got a 1st place overall win and his Pro card! "Winning my first Pro card was a really exciting experience. It took me 1 whole year to chase this dream and finally I was able to accomplish it. Training for the ANBF Pro Card was crucial. I had to measure and follow every meal plan and workout plan to the T. Also taking Cell Block 80 has made a huge difference with my gains and dropping fat fast for competition preparation. Using Cell Block 80 has made my life a lot easier. Everyday I'm in the gym training; I see and feel an increase in stamina and strength gains. This is by far the best testosterone booster I've ever taken and I love the results. I want to thank Geoff Palmer and the Clean Machine staff for supporting me through my journey for my first pro card. I want to say that this win is not just for me but also for all vegans everywhere and also another proof that you can do anything on a plant base diet without harming any animals in the process. I hope this message will spread and people will see that being on a plant base diet is extremely healthy and being on a plant base diet saves lives."