March 16, 2017

in Clean Machine Protein Powder!

Clean Protein with Lentein

Clean Machine unveiled it’s newest & exclusive product Clean Green Protein with LENTEIN™ at Expo West 2017!

Introducing the Plant that could save the Planet.

LENTEIN™ is the first #Superfood so complete in #nutrition and sustainable in production that it may be the solution to world hunger and environmental catastrophe!

#CleanGreenProtein™ is the first product to release #LENTEIN™ in 2017.
️ Higher in #Protein than any other Plant. Beating Pea, Hemp, and Soy.
️ Super Green – Higher in Nutrient Density than Kale, Spirulina or Chlorella
️ Excellent source of Omega-3, Calcium, Iron, & B-Vitamin
️ #Sustainable – Aqua Farmed in the USA – 98% Recycled Water
️ 100% #Vegan, #NonGMO, #GlutenFree