August 28, 2017

Clean Green Protein™ – Brain Gains!

Clean Green Protein™ contains Lentein™, one of the best sources of Lutein on the planet. Many people know about the awesome benefits lutein has for Eye Health, but did you know recent research has revealed that it may help protect the brain as we age and even improve intelligence!

“Lutein accumulates in the brain and embeds in cell membranes. There, lutein protects the neuronal structure and function of brain cells. While lutein is distributed in the gray matter of the brain, researchers have detected its presence in the temporal cortex, the prefrontal cortex, and the hippocampus. Lutein accumulates in the brain over a person’s lifespan and may therefore provide lifelong benefits to brain health.”

“Participants with higher levels of lutein in their blood also tended to have thicker gray matter….”

Yep, you read that right, more lutein = more brain matter.
Nutrient density = brain cell density.

So how much should we consume to get the benefits?
“ experts agree there may be benefit in taking a 10 mg lutein supplement daily. The average American only takes in about 2 mg of lutein a day.”

Just one scoop of CGP contains a whopping 11.7mg!

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