December 13, 2016

clean machine athlete youth

We’re honored to announce Clean Machine’s newest and youngest Affiliate – Kyuss Gargett!

Kyuss is simply the most athletically accomplished and talented 12 year old Natural Athlete I have ever met. And without question, the strongest – he holds the World Records to prove it!
A triple sport star – Powerlifting/Weightlifting, Baseball and Football.

Kyuss is using Clean Machine BCAA Fruit Punch and Ahiflower Oil to help him keep his nutrition on point as he continues to break his own records! Thanks for being a Clean Machine! More pics and videos to come.

Check out Kyuss’ accomplishments:

2013 – 8yr. old NGPF (Next Generation Powerlifting Federation) National deadlift record holder
2014 – 8-10 yr old NGPF World record -Deadlift, bench
2015 – 10-12 yr. NGPF world record – deadlift ,bench
2016 – 10-12 yr NGPF world record – deadlift, bench
2015 – 10 yr USAPL American Record- Bench, Squat, deadlift
2016 – 11 yr USAPL Youth Nationals – broke his Bench American record

2016 – Youth USAW 39kg State record -Clean and Jerk & Snatch
(USAW jr. olympic prospect qualifying totals)

2015 – 11 u USSSA All Star Disney Team
2016 – All Star Challenge Select/ rank #1 short stop in “Baseball Youth” in Indiana
2016 – Baseball Factory/Under Armour player by invite only

2016 – Pendleton Jr. Football League Champions/lead rusher.
Special thanks to Patrick Brandy Gargett for contacting us about your amazing son!

Kyuss Gargett’s Bio

My name is Kyuss Gargett and I am a youth athlete that does many sports like baseball, football, power lifting and weightlifting/Olympic lifting. My life so far has been a journey. I started training for a power lifting meet at the age of eight. I’ve always loved to do sports and help others.

When I was 10 years old I dead lifted 226 lbs, I also hold the USAPL American raw records for squat, bench, and dead lift at ten. Along with the NGPF world record for bench and dead lift. I was the first person in the world to do 3x their body weight at the age of ten. I am ranked #1 in Indiana for the Youth Baseball organization. I also was chosen from Game Day USA for the 2016 Disney All Star Team. I recently was invited by Baseball Factory/Under Armour to their Spring Training event in Mesa, Arizona. In the fall I play football, I was all time rushing yards leader and defensive tackle leader in the PGFL. I’ve been training at Force Barbell for about two years for weightlifting and have done several meets such as the Arnold Classic in 2016. I have qualifying numbers for the USAW Olympic youth team as a prospect.

I like to prove to everybody that nutrition is always number one. Second is guts and hard work. This is my first time ever taking supplements that my parents actually trust. My favorite supplement that I take is the BCAA/fruit punch. BCAA gives me an extra push in a workout and it gives me focus in school and everything else. I take AHIFLOWER® oil to support my growing joints and brain development. Clean Machine and a well rounded diet will help me along my path.

You can see some of his record breaking pics here:
(located just above his deadlift video)

Search his videos on You Tube!

Kyuss Gargett 12 yrs old, pulls 225lb deadlift
Next Generation Power Lifting Federation World Meet, 12-3-16.
New deadlift world record, weighing in at 91 lbs.

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