June 13, 2013

“During a routine blood test performed by my physician I found out that I had low testosterone. The doctor’s solution was to prescribe a testosterone gel replacement therapy that I had to apply to my skin daily. This medication was an expensive solution to my problem, running me about $275 per month. I had to apply this medication by hand and if I was not careful to remove all of it from my hands or anything I touched I was putting my family at risk to exposure. The testosterone that I needed had the capability of introducing adverse affects to my wife and children. While the medication was improving my testosterone levels it was also putting my health at risk. Increasing my testosterone with this medication now required me to take regular blood tests to test for the prostate cancer precursor. The high costs, strict regiment, and health risks led me to discontinue the treatment after 6 months.

Six months later, an old high school buddy Geoff Palmer, CEO of Clean Machine®, came across a great ingredient while doing research. The studies showed that this ingredient may increase testosterone, lower estrogen and DHT, while improving my prostate health. This ingredient is the flower of a cactus called Opuntia ficus-indica. While the testosterone gel came with negative side effects, the possibility that something as simple and natural as a cactus flower could offer better results was very appealing.

To track my progress I took a baseline blood test before I started to take the Opuntia ficus-indica. In the study a 9:1 extract of Opuntia flower was used, which was not available at the time so I began to take the raw form of the Opuntia flower. Within days I began to feel the effects of this powerful ingredient. I had more energy and felt happier. I hadn’t felt this way since I was in my thirties, before low testosterone began to affect me. When I took another blood test the results blew me away. In five weeks my testosterone levels increased from 177 to 483 – a 273% increase!

Cell Block 80™ contains the proprietary ingredient DM33™, a potent 9:1 extract of Opuntia flower, in the same amounts used in the study. But the Cell Block 80™ formula also contains additional ingredients to address all 5 phases of the testosterone pathway. With the incredible results I got from just the Opuntia alone, I am really looking forward to experiencing the full benefits of the Op T Max™ blend in Cell Block 80™.”
– Robert