by Geoff Palmer

Plant Based Protein Powder: Expectations vs Reality

Plant-Based Protein. It’s talked about a lot, but there are lots of products out there, so how do you know which one to choose? Clean Machine does things a bit differently when it comes to protein. Let me explain.

Real Food Ingredients, Real Nutrition

Most brands use isolated protein from plants such as pea and rice, meaning they strip out the fiber, essential fatty acids, micronutrients, antioxidants, etc. (all the good stuff) from their protein. Then many add back synthetic vitamins, oxidized pro-inflammatory isolated oils and isolated fiber.

clean green protein smoothie bowl

We chose Lentein for our protein, because Lentein is the entire plant, with all its fiber, essential fatty acids and micronutrients intact - real whole food.

Our Promise To You

We believe in whole food nutrition, but know that athletes often need more protein. Research has shown that intensely training athletes may require up to twice as much protein as sedentary people. That type of training can require more calories as well, but also more micronutrients and essential fatty acids. Lentein, the main ingredient in Clean Green Protein, is loaded with nutrients. As a matter of fact, it is the most nutrient dense plant on the planet. There might be others out there, but when there are discovered, you can be sure that Clean Machine will be the first to bring it to market for you, just like wee were the first to introduce Lentein.

And that's our pledge to you. We want to deliver the absolute best in plant-based nutrition. We will always bring you the best that nature has to offer and bring those to market when other companies won't. Why won't they? Because it's too expensive for them to educate the consumer on why these are new plants are so different. They just want sales, now. I want to give you the absolute best, backed by our award-winning products.

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But if you don't have to take my word for it.

Clean Green Protein won the NEXTY Award, the top supplement award in the United States for Best New Supplement of the Year for 2018. We we were also selected as a top five finalist for the Best Sports Nutrition Product of the Year and the ECO Excellence Award for 2017 and that's because we're the most environmentally friendly plant protein on the market.

Save The Planet One Smoothie At A Time

This plant grows in just 48 hours and it grows on WATER! Because Lentein is grown on the water, it can be completely controlled. So you don't get the heavy metal levels you see in other products, making Clean Green Protein cGMP and Prop 65 compliant. We control the whole process, from the water source through the entire growing process, resulting in a product that is tested free of contaminants. Aqua-Farm Fresh, from ponds to powder in 45 minutes! That makes it pretty unique.

Lentein is the highest in protein (Essential Amino Acids & BCAA’s) of any plant known. Higher than Spirulina, Chlorella, even Moringa. higher and nutrient density than any plant known. This makes Lentein the #1 plant protein and #1 super food in the world right now!

Everything Your Body Needs - In Just One Scoop

So now you can not only get your protein, not just taking isolated protein, but you get all the good stuff too! Not only do you get your 32% DV fiber, 51% DV Omega 3, 59% DV Iron and so much more - all in one scoop. It's like taking a multivitamin, a Super Food/Greens, an Omega 3 supplement, a fiber supplement and a protein supplement all in one! All of this nutrition packed into single delicious glass of goodness!

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Clean Green Protein is packed with 20 grams of plant-based protein per scoop, but we didn't stop there. Because this protein is so unique and so special, we wanted to add the absolute best digestive enzymes. So we added ProHydrolase. It is shown in studies to break down the protein and make it bio-available up to 98%. That's incredible when you compare that to other enzymes. So what do enzymes do? It is a pro hydrolytic protease enzyme, breaking down the proteins into amino acids almost completely. Then you can get more usable protein out of each serving, so you don’t have to take a huge amount of protein in order to get a little bit into your bloodstream. You're maximizing the amount of amino acids that feed your muscles without overloading your system with protein that just simply passes through.

These are the differences that we put into this product to make sure you get the best results you can. The best nutrition, the best in protein, the best bioavailability. That enzyme is so good, it actually even breaks down the peptide that causes gas and bloating. So no more poochy stomach and no more gassing out your friends and family just so you can get your protein. An incredible product for nutrition to take every day, any day and it can be taken for all ages. It's a wonderful 60% whole food nutrition item that a great supplement to your workout regimen or even if you just want to lower your calorie load for the day and get all that maximum nutrition.

Thank you for trusting Clean Machine with your plant-based nutrition needs.


Geoff Palmer
Geoff Palmer

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