by Geoff Palmer

What Are Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

What are branched-chain amino acids or BCAAs and how can they help you? Most of the branch chains on the markets are made from human hair, animal hair, or duck feathers. Yes, they're safe and legal to use but probably not where most of you would want to get your sources of amino acids.

Proteins are made of amino acids linked together. Branched-Chain Amino Acids are 3 of the 9 essential amino acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) that get their name because they are branched in their chemical structure.

We here at Clean Machine are a bit different. We use only vegan, plant-based, fermented branch chain amino acids that are made from non-GMO corn. That’s right, the BCAA’s in Clean Machine’s BCAA’s are made from real food sources. Plus, we were one of the first to be soy free! Many BCAA products use soy lecithin, where we actually use sunflower lecithin. So when you combine those two (sunflower lecithin and fermented, non-GMO corn BCAA) you have a very clean, natural sourced product. We went a little bit further though and added coconut water for electrolytes.

When Should You Take Branched-Chain Amino Acids?

As you probably know, when we participate in intense training in the gym or in high performance sports, it’s easy to deplete your electrolytes. Branched-chain amino acids don't taste very good all by themselves, so we use only natural plant sourced flavors in our products. *Did you know many companies use Castoreum, extracted from a Beaver’s anus, to enhance their “natural flavors”? We weren't just going to be flavored, we wanted to be the absolute best flavor and the results speak for themselves! Our fruit punch-flavored branched-chains were almost too good to be true. When we first released them back in 2018, anyone who tried them at one of the many of events we participated in went absolutely bonkers over the flavor. I think when you try it, you'll see the difference between ours and most of the other chemically laden branched-chains on the market that don't taste so great.


But we went even a step further and I think we outdid ourselves with the lemonade. The lemonade flavor is amazing on ice. Mix a scoop into your ice water in a shaker cup, and take it with you to your workout. It’s like a flashback to grandma’s Lemonade that you can sip while you train! Zero sugars and just one carb per serving. Who would have thought that you could actually treat yourself WHILE burning fat and protecting muscle during your cardio workout?!


When You Should Try Unflavored BCAA’s?

Now post-workout, most people don't want to add a flavored branhced-chains to their protein so we also make an unflavored branch chains.This major study shows that when adding branch chain amino acids to your protein or an essential amino acid source and your body can improve muscle protein synthesis by up to 33%!

Using the branched chains prior to your workout or during your workout can help maintain your muscle mass so you don't lose what you worked hard to gain, and then using the unflavored in a protein shake or with a protein-packed food later can give you that added muscle protein synthesis you need to recover fast and get back out there!


Since BCAA’s are great for before and after your workout, we have flavored and unflavored options just for you! Just remember, branch chains by themselves do taste very bitter, that's why we have the two amazing flavors for you that are naturally sweetened with Stevia, and only one carb per serving. Two different options...before and maximize the benefits, maintain your gains, and stimulate muscle protein synthesis post-workout. Now you've got all the options you need and two different flavors (lemonade and fruit punch) to enjoy throughout your workouts. Branched-chain amino acids from Clean Machine are clean, easy, and always non-GMO, vegan, gluten free, and natural.


Where are the studies on BCAA's linked to the information in this article? 


Geoff Palmer
Geoff Palmer

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