What if there was a protein powder that was a complete protein that is also a super food?
And what if that protein were the first and only plant protein comparable to whey and was considered the world’s most complete food source?

Introducing… Clean Green Protein™ with LENTEIN™

#1 Super Protein. Super Green. Super Omega. LENTEIN™ is considered THE WORLD’S MOST COMPLETE FOOD SOURCE!

LENTEIN™ is rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, polyphenols, omega 3’s, and contains 45-50% high-quality protein and more essential and branched chain amino acids than any other plant. In addition to being a complete protein, LENTEIN™ is higher in nutrient density than kale, spinach, spirulina & chlorella!

#2 Clean Green Protein™ with LENTEIN™ is the only plant protein comparable to Whey.

LENTEIN™ has the highest essential amino acid (EAA) content of any plant protein; higher than pea, rice, hemp or even soy. LENTEIN™ is the first and only plant protein on the planet that has an branched chain amino acid (BCAA) profile comparable to whey!

#3 LENTEIN™ is minimally processed and is one of the most sustainable food sources in the world.

LENTEIN™ is produced from water lentils, a rapidly growing aquatic plant that thrives in open water. Our water lentils are produced in facilities where 98% of the required water gets recycled, and our ultra minimal processing techniques have been described as carbon neutral!

#4 LENTEIN™ wins the Future Showcase Ingredient Award!

Clean Green Protein™ is the FIRST product on the market to contain LENTEIN™. LENTEIN™ is the most extraordinary Protein & Superfood Available winning the American Food Technology & Innovation Summit’s Future Ingredient Award!

#5 Clean Green Protein™ also contains PURISPea™ Protein

PURISPea™ is a perfect addition to Clean Green Protein™ providing even more plant protein. PURISPea™ is the only Eco-friendly, USA Grown & Manufactured Pea Protein Isolate.

#6 Clean Green Protein™ contains Prohydrolase®

Prohydrolase® enzymes promote efficient protein absorption to increase muscle synthesis while decreasing bloating, gas, and stomach discomfort.

#7 Clean Green Protein™ is formulated by Geoff Palmer

Geoff Palmer has been on a plant based diet for 32 years and has 25 years on experience in the Natural Foods and Supplements Industry. Geoff is a Masters Class Natural Bodybuilder and Natural Physique Champion. Geoff was frustrated that he could not find natural, effective, and plant based nutritional supplements so he decided to launch his own… and Clean Machine® was born.

#8 Zero-risk, 100% Money Back Guarantee

Clean Green Protein™ is so versatile and powerful that it is perfect for all users. Whether you are a competitive athlete, body builder looking to improve muscle growth and protein synthesis or a green mom looking for a sustainable eco-friendly super food for your kids, Clean Green Protein™ is for you. Geoff is so confident in this formula that he is proud to offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Clean Green Protein with LENTEIN™Clean Green Protein™