Clean Machine Products

Cell Block 80™

Cell Block 80 Testosterone product

Cell Block 80™ was formulated to help increase Testosterone levels through multiple pathways and inhibit T from being bound or converted and rendered inactive.* More Effective by Addressing ALL 5 Phases of the Anabolic Pathway.*



CLEAN BCAA™ is made from natural food-sourced ingredients; Non-GMO Corn, Coconut Water and Sunflower Seeds. This BCAA comes in Fruit Punch or unflavored & can be mixed with any protein shake, pre-workout or post-workout drink.


Veg Pro Omega Clean Machine

AHIFLOWER® OIL – The New King of Plant Omega 3! In a published human study, Ahiflower increased cellular EPA levels up to 400% more than Flax and higher than Chia, Hemp or any other Non-GMO plant source.