Optimal Health & Fitness Bundle - Watermelon

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Optimal Health & Fitness Bundle - Watermelon

Optimal Health & Fitness Bundle - Watermelon

Regular price $99.95
Sale price $99.95 Regular price $174.95
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Optimal Nutritional Support for Health and Fitness - Watermelon

Clean BCAA Watermelon – Muscle Protein Synthesis, strength and recovery
N10s Clean Preworkout – mental focus, sustained energy and endurance
Cell Block 80 – Hormone Optimization and Thyroid Support
Ahiflower Oil Omega 3 – Muscle Support, Heart, Brain & Joint Health
Organic Vegan D3 (USDA Certified) – Healthy Bones, Immune and Muscle Strength

We created the Clean Machine Optimal Health & Fitness Bundle to provide a comprehensive, all-natural solution for increasing strength, endurance, fat loss and overall vitality. This powerful bundle combines our most effective, clinically researched products to help you get the most out of every workout and promote optimal well-being.

Clean BCAA (choice of Lemonade, Watermelon or Fruit Punch flavor): 100% fermented vegan BCAAs in the research-backed 2:1:1 ratio, plus coconut water electrolytes. A published study found adding BCAAs to protein increased muscle protein synthesis by 33% compared to just protein alone. Another study showed a 40% increase in strength from taking 4g leucine daily, the same amount in 2 scoops of Clean BCAA.

N10s Pre-Workout: Clinically dosed with trademarked ingredients including RipFactor to increase muscle size up to 4x, strength 20% and endurance 35%; S7 to boost nitric oxide 228% for up to 3 hours; and organic PurCaf for clean energy and focus. In delicious Cherry Bomb flavor.

Cell Block 80: Addresses all 5 phases of testosterone production with research-backed DM33 Opuntia extract and KSM-66 Ashwagandha to increase free T, block estrogen and DHT conversion, lower cortisol and promote prostate health. A verified customer reported "stronger and bigger" results in just 2 weeks.

Organic Vegan D3: The first USDA Certified Organic vegan D3 from algae, not inferior D2 from mushrooms or lichen. Clinically shown to increase vitamin D levels 77% in only 7 days for strong bones, muscles and immunity. Essential for muscle protein synthesis.

Ahiflower Oil: The richest plant source of SDA omega-3 that converts to EPA 300-400% more efficiently than flax oil. A clinical trial found Ahiflower reduced knee pain and increased range of motion. Ahiflower also uniquely contains GLA for additional anti-inflammatory benefits.

This synergistic bundle provides everything you need to build lean muscle, burn fat, boost performance, and optimize your health - all from pure, plant-based ingredients backed by human clinical research. Take your fitness to the next level with the Clean Machine Optimal Health & Fitness Bundle.

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