Clean Machine Athlete: Erika

Athlete Quick Stats

• Double black belt in martial arts
• Height: 5’8″
• Weight: 130lbs

Contact Erika

Instagram: @erika_epower
Facebook: @erikamitchener

Upcoming Events

  • NYC Triathlon July 16th

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Meet Erika

“I’m a personal trainer, plant-based nutrition coach and lifelong athlete with over 15 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. Fitness has been a major part of my life since I was just 12 years old I stepped into my first karate class. Throughout my formative teenage years I had a successful competition record in karate tournaments and was the youngest ever in my dojo to earn the rank of black belt at the age of 16 in both karate and aiki-jujitsu. With the rank of black belt I took on the responsibility of instructing youth and adults. This experience created the foundation many years later for me to make fitness not just my passion but my path in life.
In 2007 I graduated from the National Personal Training Institute and have continued my education extensively for the last ten years though the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In 2012 I became a certified plant-based nutrition coach though Cornell and the T. Colin Campbell Foundation. Making a plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle coaching the cornerstone of my personal training and nutrition business allows me to not only help people get healthy, but saves animals lives and benefits our environment.
The level of discipline and dedication I expect of my clients, I also expect of myself. In 2010 I started to compete in bikini physique competitions in Los Angeles, becoming nationally qualified. Since then I have gone on to compete yearly in both bikini and figure divisions in various natural bodybuilding federations.

Last year I competed in my first triathlon. I am currently training as part of the first ever vegan triathlon team representing The Farm Sanctuary in the New York City Triathlon this July.”


My favorite product is the BCAA. When I am in athletic training mode for a competition this product helps me have noticeably better endurance and rapid muscle recovery both in bodybuilding and in triathlon training. I’m so happy that there is finally a vegan sourced BCAA that tastes great and mixes well. I look forward to drinking it! – Erika


Erika Mitchener Erika Mitchener Erika Mitchener

  • 2010 NPC LA Excalibur 5th in height class. Nationality Qualified
  • 2011 NPC LA Grand Prox 3rd in height class. NQ
  • 2012 INBF Moster Mash 6th


  • 2013 OBC 3rd in height class


  • Black belt ranked in both karate and jujitsu since the age of 17 years old.



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