Meet Kileigh

Kileigh Smith


• Height: 5’2″
• Waist: 26″ 131-134 lbs
• Off-Season Weight: 131-134 lbs.
• Competition Weight: 115-118 lbs.

Connect with Kileigh

Twitter: @kileighbsmith
Instagram_Icon Instagram: @kileigh_branae
facebook Facebook: @kileighbsmith

Kileigh’s Upcoming Contest Dates:

• May 9th – “What the Health” Q&A Panel, Plant-based Athlete – Palm Coast, FL
• June 3rd – NFF Naturally Fit Games, Austin TX
• July 29th – NPC Dexter Jackson Classic Jacksonville, FL
• August 5th – IFBB/NPC Tampa Pro/Tim Gardner Tampa Extravaganza

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Kileigh Smith


I had an average American upbringing in the Midwest, playing sports and eating the standard diet of meat, dairy and processed foods. I was most active in volleyball, softball and my personal favorite, competitive dance. I was the captain of the high school dance team and it was an amazing group of girls. We were the Illinois state champions in the “kick” category (think NY City Rockettes) and always earned top state rankings in the other dance categories.

After high school, I went on to earn a degree in flight science, air traffic control and aviation management. Yes, I flew airplanes for my homework! After college, I commissioned as an officer in the United States Air Force and went on to attend undergraduate pilot training to become an Air Force pilot. While training, a trip to the emergency room led to the diagnosis of a chronic immune system disease that disqualified me from continuing in the pilot program. This was a difficult, yet pivotal time in my life. This disease had led to a lot of digestive damage and I was placed on several medications with surgeries in the books. I knew this wasn’t me. I was a healthy and active woman and refused to be chained to this disease, surviving on medications and being a regular at the doctor’s office. I did a search of transformative health books and came across The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell. After reading the book, I dropped animal products overnight and my immediate health improvements surprised all my doctors. They were able to take me off of my medications and cancel the surgeries within two weeks.

I was able to continue on in the Air Force and I felt so great that I started seriously picking up weight training. After living a plant based lifestyle and feeling like it gave me a second chance at a healthy life, I wanted to share its benefits with everyone. I missed the competitive and team atmosphere I was accustomed to growing up, and I wanted a way to show people just how healthy this diet can be for an athlete. I found out that bodybuilding was my calling.

In 2016, I trained and competed in my first NPC bodybuilding competition in the bikini division. I not only placed top 3 in my categories, but had the judges saying I was too developed for the division and needed to compete in figure. Finding out I had trained this hard and put on so much muscle on a plant based diet received an abundance of positive attention. I made the decision to begin training for the figure division and will compete for the first time in July of 2017.

Team Clean Machine Kileigh Smith Team Clean Machine Kileigh Smith Team Clean Machine Kileigh Smith


Being able to use my physique to spread the message that this lifestyle is easy and sustainable is my greatest hope. Plants don’t make us weak, meat and dairy don’t make us strong, and compassion is the greatest strength an individual can have. Helping others find health and happiness is my passion and I am so thankful that bodybuilding has given me the platform to do just that.

Competitive Placings and Media

• 2016 – NPC Champion’s Cup 3rd Place Bikini Class A – 3rd Place Overall Novice Bikini
• 2016 – United States Air Force Athlete of the Year Nominee
• 2017 – Vegan Lifestyle Magazine Feature, Issue 40