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First shake with #cleanmachine #cleangreenprotein and the verdict is……
The vanilla chai flavor is fantastic, it doesn’t have that chalky texture that so many powders have, and of course the nutritional benefits are insane. It’s definitely going to be a game changer in the fitness world.- @Hardcore Raw
#cleangreenprotein It’s finally here!!
The new Clean Green Protein with Lentein from Clean Machine!
Guys it’s SO GOOD!! Omg Even Jerami said it’s yummy! A super picky 3 year old haha
Great creamy velvety texture, awesome vanilla taste with just a hint of chai…oh man I’m so excited to use this now while I’m training for my first half marathon! 💪- Jessie H.
#cleangreenprotein The flavor is outstanding. I did spinach, kale, avocado, water, Ripple milk, bananas….and that chai flavor is still robust.- Brian B.
We had it last night. So good ❤
We had ours with banana and soy milk. Loved it.- Sky T.
amazeballsI know everyone is posting about how much they love the new Clean Machine protein but I have to tell you too….it’s amazeballs! I know it’s vanilla chai flavored, but I didn’t expect the chai flavored to be as strong as it is and I love it! It’s so good!!!!! Big A+++++ to Geoff Palmer for this one! Thanks! And the fact that it’s certified vegan makes me happy ❤- Stacy R.
Thanks Geoff Palmer!
My son Talon is really digging the Clean Green Protein with Lentein. He said it tasted like the vegan vanilla spiced cookies that I make at Yule.- Haven
Clean Green Vanilla Chai Energy BallsClean Green Vanilla Chai Energy Balls!
8 servings, 90cal. 3F/14.7C/3.6P
– Ingredients:
1/2cup or (40g) quick oats
1/4cup or (30g) dry shredded coconut
1 scoop Clean Machine Vanilla Chai protein.
Pinch of salt
6 or (100g) pitted Dates
2-3 tbsp of water if needed
– Instructions:
In a food processor, add oats, coconut, protein powder, and salt. Process until you get a flour consistency. Add dates and process all the ingredients except the water on high until a dough-like consistency is formed. Add water if needed. Form into 8 small balls and enjoy!- Natalie
Smoothie bowls with carrot cake raw-nolaSmoothie bowls with carrot cake raw-nola. Used the new Clean Green Protein with Lentein…
👊 Great flavor. Had to hold myself back from chugging the pitcher.
I just started working out, but the OTHER “natural” bcaa I bought online had an awful aftertaste. I’m trying to keep my machine green and clean, so I’m avoiding the bad ingredients. I found your Fruit Punch BCAA powder and it is fantastic. LOVE the ingredients and the product! Tastes AWESOME!! Please don’t stop making it. I appreciate your product that I was compelled to comment about it.- Kat
I am a holistic nutritionist and a vegan Fitness competitor in Phoenix. I love the Clean Machine products and once I started using them for training. I’ve never gone back to anything else. They are the best!- S. Predebon
The Cell Block 80 keeps me lean and the BCAAs have so much flavor ! I really like clean Machine. Feels good to know you are putting quality products in your body!- Y. Salaam
I use Clean Machine BCAA’s everyday during my fasted workouts. I love the flavor of the fruit punch and I know I’m putting something good into my body. I also take Cell Block 80 and Ahiflower Oil. All amazing products!- A. Hemsworth
CleanMachine BCAA’s are A-MA-ZIIIIING!!!!! I never been so pumped up!!! My back and shoulders are so swole! 😅 gave me so much energy… felt like a beast. Lifted heavier. Awesome stuff, I love it!!!- M. Ramirez
First, the BCAAs – easiest to mix of all I’ve tried and really seem to pack a punch. They greatly help reduce soreness and aid growth, in my personal experience. Clean Machine 80 – man, I put off trying this because I thought it was a booster, and as a vegan my testosterone levels were already high for my age. But then I did a little research, learned their true use, and took a chance. I’m so glad I did. In just three weeks I’m seeing an increase in lean muscle, more energy working out, more explosive lifts, and while it’s not advertised I swear my libido has gone up a good amount as well! Happy to be a proponent of Team Clean Machine!- D Wethington
I chose Clean Machine because it is unlike any other supplement company. The CEO has walked the walk for decades and he wants to share his passion for healthy, conscious living to athletes of all backgrounds. They are creating plant based products that are not only as good, but significantly better than any of their animal based counterparts. As an athlete, I am extremely conscious of what I put into my body and I am confident these products are helping me achieve my goals in the healthiest way possible. The Clean Machine team is spreading a positive message to an industry saturated with misinformation and unhealthy standards. I see nothing short of a bright future for this company and I’m so excited to be a part of it.- Kileigh
These BCAA’s are awesome!!! Thank you for making a “clean” product that tastes amazing! I will definitely be reordering!- L. Seneca, South Carolina
Before taking Ahiflower, I used to have acute knee pain and chronic lower back pain. The knee pain has stopped and the lower back pain has cut down considerably.- A. DiNobile, Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist, Gilbert, AZ
I’m really excited to try the new AHIFLOWER Oil, as the Cell Block 80 is easily one of the best vegan supplements available!- Bryan M., Australia
I have the biggest passion for the health, fitness and supplement industry and I truly treat my body as a masterpiece. I find it interesting and extremely intriguing to treat your body with the utmost respect and feeding it what it needs. I absolutely love the Clean Machine product line and it is my favorite supplement to take both on and off training days. Finding clean supplements with no artificial sweeteners or additives is hard to find and I know I have found my match with this company.- L, Jurco
Just ordered mine, my nutritionist was rather impressed by the Ahiflower oil.- Ianna R., New Jersey
I was interested in trying Cell Block 80 based on its promise of blocking Estrogen and DHT, reducing Cortisol, and increasing Testosterone, from a health perspective. I didn’t have a goal of increasing my muscle mass. To be completely honest, I’m naturally very thin and I don’t even exercise. That said, I found that before I’d gotten half way through my first bottle of Cell Block 80, my arms were noticeably bigger! …just from going about my day-to-day routine (carrying my kids, etc.) and taking Cell Block 80! I’m really impressed because even though that wasn’t my goal, it’s proof that it’s working. I can imagine the results one would experience if they were trying to gain muscle would be astonishing. I’m definitely going to continue with this product.- Matt, Santa Monica, CA
This is best product I have ever tried. (CellBlock80) I am 42 6’5″ and I have been stuck on a plateau that has felt like an eternity I am almost done with the first bottle and I picked up another today to complete the cycle. I have made some significant gains this past month. Thank You!- Nathan M., San Jose, CA
My name is Douglas Tice and I am a Powerlifter with 18 years of Weight Training. First as a competitive Bodybuilder, then recreational Bodybuilder, and for the past 5 years as a Power-lifter. The bottom line in my background is that anytime I experience gains of any kind. It is a big deal!!
Since 2011 my raw bench press max has been 340. I have failed at 345 over the years a handful of times. Despite my shirted bench press going up and all my other lifts improving; my raw bench stayed at 340. Time after time after time. Fast forward to October 25, 2014. I visited the Clean Machine booth and decided to purchase Clean BCAA and Cell Block80. Since taking both of these products I feel strong during training and my work capacity is much higher. I put my raw bench press to the test a month after taking these products and bench pressed 345… with a pause! (my previous PR of 340 was done as a touch and go).
A few weeks after that I helped out a power-lifting meet that was held at the gym where I train. After spotting and loading all morning I decided to do the bench for reps competition. The rules were you benched your body-weight as many reps as you could and the competitor that did the most reps wins. I performed 27 reps with my body-weight and won first place! Previous to this I remember being able to bench press my body-weight maybe around 21 or 22 reps, that was also when I was fresh and wasn’t spotting and loading for several hours before hand. The only thing that has changed about my training and dieting is the addition of Clean BCAA and Cell-Block80!- Douglas T., AZ
I have been using Cell Block 80 since June 2014, after I won the Naturally Fit Master’s Fitness Model contest. Your product really works. I am in even better condition now. At 54, I am at my college playing weight but in better shape and leaner. I am now a model for the Naturally Fit Agency.- B. Rinaldi, Carrollton, TX
Just thought I would give you some feedback on your product Cell Block 80. I purchased two bottles and have recently finished one. I certainly have noticed some changes in my physique since using your product. I have noticed my muscles taking on some new size throughout my body and my body fat has come down slightly which is great news. I don’t take measurements etc. but the mirror is showing them. I had noticed I became angrier which is probably a sign my test levels had elevated. My workouts have been more intense too. Overall I am quite impressed with your product and will continue to use it. Thanks for making a great product!- Nicholas B, Bunbury, Western Australia
I am a vegan, 18 year old natural men’s physique competitor. CB80 has become a must during my competition prep. When the reduction of calories that comes along with dieting and contest prep, you face a decrease in testosterone regardless. CB80 has been a lifesaver in keeping my intensity up, my irritability down, my fat-burning consistent, and overall mental health when cutting. I would definitely recommend it to anyone facing lowered T, lowered drive, or going through low calorie dieting. It has been the most effective T-booster I’ve tried and one of the few that are cruelty free.- Ben Carr
Ok so almost 4 weeks and I gotta tell you VERY impressed!!! I am a supplement Junkie and I can honestly say it’s the first time something works!! I will be making a statement on my Fitness page today regarding. I got 2 more bottles – YIPPEE and here is to a kick ass Off season : )- Claudia L. - Vancouver, BC
Hi! Just wanted to let you know. I have been LOVING Cell Block 80! My “puffiness” has reduced significantly…I have made crazy strength gains and I feel my muscle are more solid, full…if that makes sense? My upper body, shoulder, back have always been incredibly stubborn to any kind of gains and now I actually have shoulders!! It has also helped with my cramps every month which are usually so so intense. Wasn’t expecting that! I have mentioned Cell Block to some people here at my gym in Winter Park, CO and one girl just ordered some! She was very impressed with the research she found online and my results! Super happy! Thank you for creating Cell Block 80!!!- Athena, Colorado
I’ve taken other testosterone supplements in the past like P6 Red, P6 black, and T-Bomb. When taking everything into consideration like price, effectiveness, etc. Cell Block 80 is the best by far. Like P6 Red (which is advertised to be the top Testosterone supplement on the market), Cell Block 80 naturally boosts your own natural testosterone while blocking estrogen at the same time but at a fraction of the price. I’m currently on week 3 and already notice a difference. Excess belly fat has been coming off, more energy throughout the day, increase in drive, noticeable strength gains, and a little more muscle tone. A quality product from Clean Machine.- Tim, California
I won a bottle of Cell Block 80™ at the Europa and I love it! I am a 39 year old, 6ft. 260lb. Natural Powerlifter. I gained 10lbs, gained strength, reaching new personal bests in all three lifts (squat, bench, deadlift) and feel great. And my workout intensity has increased noticeably. My girlfriend is enjoying it too. Thank you. I look forward to using it again- Brian Linderson
Cell Block 80™ looks fantastic. It’s the only truly natural and well rounded T booster I have ever seen.- J. W., Vancouver, BC
Dan Bettcher Testimonial
So glad I was introduced to CB80 and Clean Machine. After 8 weeks on Cell Block 80™ I went from 213 to 194 pounds and I set a “world record” yesterday. The highest total for the double half snatch ever recorded by the IKLF. I also placed first in the Iron Man Challenge (5 events, 10 minutes each for 50 minutes of competitive lifting) at the USAKL Bolt Competition. Thanks Team Clean Machine!- Dan Bettcher, KOR Strength & Conditioning, San Diego, CA
I took the product as directed for one month and lost some fat around my waist and had more energy. The fat stayed off even after not using the product for a couple of months. Highly recommended.- Jeffery, Amazon review
Okay…I’ve ordered about 1,000,000 products from Amazon over the last couple of years & have not ever written one review on anything…until now. I feel compelled to write one because there’s so many test products & it’s tough to know what’s good & what isn’t. Nobody can afford to waste money on stuff that doesn’t work. Being that I’m skeptical of lots of test products, I wanted to do a review for guys like me. So, let me just say…THIS. STUFF. IS. LEGIT.
I’m 36, got a family, full time job, etc, etc. I lift heavy 3 or 4 times a week. I started taking this 2 week’s ago. As of yet, I haven’t noticed any massive slabs of muscle popping up overnight, but what I HAVE noticed is that without fail, about halfway through my workout…I get a surge of aggression & stamina. I always take one 30 minutes before my workout & I’ve already added 5-10 lbs on some of my lifts & even blown past my reps on occasion, just because I had the surge to do so. Roughly translated…heavier weight + increase in reps = more muscle. Throughout the day I also feel more confident…some would call it alpha…but not in a scream at my kids, act like a jerk kind of way. Just very assertive. Also getting more steady energy, recovering a little faster & feeling like a champ. I take as the directions say on the bottle. So far, no negative side effects whatsoever. Plus, this is a clean & healthy product which matters to me…I don’t put crap in my body just to grow muscle. Eat clean, eat a lot, lift heavy, get your rest…take your Cellblock 80 & see how it goes. I’m a believer! As I said, I’m only 2 weeks in so we’ll see how it goes over the next couple weeks, but I have high hopes. I highly recommend for guys in their mid-late thirties that want to improve performance in the gym & in everyday life.- Rocky, Amazon Review
I had more energy, felt happier, and had an increased drive. In five weeks my testosterone levels increased from 177 to 483 – a 273% increase!- Robert G., Tampa, Florida
I just started my second bottle of Cell Block 80™. I am about 6 weeks in so far. I take it twice a day on workout days and all my lifts are going up. My one rep dead lift was 420 just a few months ago, and since then, I’ve hit 395 for 7 reps and 435 for a 1 rep PR. Also, I am hunting down 315 on bench over the course of 2014. My current best is 1RM at 280, and 6 reps at 255. Gains are coming.- Ed B., California
Julian Brown discusses his Cell Block 80™ results after 4 weeks/1 bottle.

Cell Block 80 Log 2 Julian Brown Pro Natural… by Julian11453- Julian B.
I’ve had some great results using Cell Block 80™. I haven’t actually tested my testosterone levels but I’ve had great results in the gym with increase strength and recovery time. Even recommended it to a few friends and I will be picking up another bottle this weekend once this one runs out.- Tom C.
I’m a 53 year old bodybuilder and when I was 23 went to the AAU Mr. America and was 6th, JJ Marsh beat me for the 5 place position. I’m 53 but I feel 23. I want to get ripped and compete again. Thank you for an excellent site.- Rick, Massachusetts
Cell Block 80: First let me say I am pretty skeptical with supplements, some work, some don’t work. Some are designed to just separate the consumer from their cash. That said I’ve been working out, heavy lifting for over 20 years, I am in my mid 40’s and have noticed its harder to make gains, the energy levels have waned, and the drive has taken a nose dive. I then had my testosterone tested to see where my numbers were at: 1st test – fail. Off the charts low even for a 44 year old guy. With that said I am not one to do nothing if there is a problem and this had become a problem. Low drive, impotence, low energy, weight gain..had it all. So I went looking for something that might make a difference in all of the above, I stumbled upon Cell Block 80™ in the Vitamin Shop magazine and liked initially what it had to say so I gave it a try. One word ”Phenomenal!” Took the product 9 days and was retested, Testosterone test 2: Total T up 138, Free T up 27. Not too shabby after 9 days. Other notable feature the drive is back from the abysmal. Now I know not everything is going to work for everyone, as for me I feel great, energy has returned. All of this and I don’t have to take some toxic junk that will damage my body in the process. Needless to say I will be ordering again. Yes this is a real review from a real person.- James R., CA
Testimonial DrakeHi my name is Drake F., we met a few months ago at the Phoenix Convention center and I have been taken your product Cell Block 80™ for the past few months that you gave out to try and it has really worked for me I always feel full of energy and able to push myself to different level. This product also help me put on another lean 15 pound in one cycle of Cell Block 80™. I went from 230 to 245 in no time. I really do like your product, I will continue to use this product for as long as I can. Here is a picture of me before I started taking your product and a couple months after.
Thank you for showing me this product.- Drake F., Arizona
When I find a company who makes good product, stands behind it and is run by “good dudes”, those are the companies people want to support.- Jeff K., North Carolina
I just happened to have a blood test and thought I would give the bottle a try that was here at the office. Not doing a full cycle, my levels increased almost 100%!- M.B. New Jersey
Joe-Spagnoletti-cropYou guys nailed it on this product, I have tried everything under the sun but you guys have a unique product that really does work. My energy and recovery were both enhanced as well as sense of overall well being.- Joe S.