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• Height: 5’10”
• Thighs: 24in
• Calves: 16in
• Arms: 16 (Unflexed) in
• Waist: 31in
• Chest: 39.5in
• Weight: 185lbs. (off season)
• Weight: 175lbs. (Competition)

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Korin’s Upcoming Contest Dates:

• Team Universe Qualified for July 5th, 2014



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Korin Sutton


Fitness was always a passion for me. I started lifting when I was 16 years old, but never gain any true size because I was in the Marine Corps for 4 years active duty; once I went to the US Navy Reserve I had time to put on mass. Once I got out of the service everything just played its part being vegan.

I changed to a plant-based diet because of Gary Yourofsky. June 2011, I listened to his speech at Broward College and he totally opened my eyes. From that day on I decided to change to a plant-based diet. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I’ve been Vegan for a year and it feels great. Clean, lean and not so mean.
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Korin Korin


I’m a Team Clean Machine Pro Athlete, ISSA-certified sport nutritionist, specialist in senior fitness, physical therapy, and fitness trainer, Mad Dogg Athletics-certified spin instructor, and I have an AA in exercise science. Before I was in the field of fitness science, I was in the military for eight years serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom III and IV, four years active in the United States Marine Corps and four years active in the United States Navy Reserves.

I’m vegan because I truly love animals. Animals can love, raise a family, communicate with each other, and interact with different species. Animals can do amazing things and they experience the world much like we do. That means that they suffer just like a human would under certain conditions. This is why I am vegan.

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Competitive Placings

    Korin_1st Pro Win_ANBF

  • 2013- ANBF Boca Brick House “First Competition” 1st Men’s Novice Overall, 2nd Men’s Open
  • 2013- NPC Ruby Championship 1st Men’s Novice Overall, 2nd Men’s Open Middle Weight
  • 2013- DFAC Florida State Natural 3rd Men’s Open Heavy Weight
  • 2013 -NGA American National Championships 5th Men’s Open Middle Weight
  • 2013 -NPC Florida Gold Cup Classic 1st Men’s Open Middle Weight
  • 2013- ANBF Natural Conch Republic & Pro All Star Challenge 2nd Men’s Open
  • 2014- ANBF Boca Brick House Classic 1st Men’s Open Overall “PRO CARD”
  • 2014- NGA Pro Abraham Championships 1st Men’s Open, 1st Men’s Open Overall “PRO CARD”
  • 2014- INBF South Western Natural Championships 1st Light Heavy Weight Open’s Men’s Bodybuilding
  • 2017 – Naturally Fit Super Show 1st Overall Bodybuilding & Pro Card


– Featured In Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine – July/August 2014
Podcast/Interview on with Thomas Tadlock

Korin Korin Korin

Korin Sutton Team Clean Machine Korin Sutton Team Clean Machine