Meet Derek Tresize

Derek Tresize


• Height: 5’11”
• Thighs: 23″
• Arms: 16″ (flexed)
• Waist: 32-34″
• Weight: 195-200 lbs offseason, 185-190 lbs contest

Connect with Derek Tresize

 Twitter – @veganmuscle
facebook Facebook – veganmuscle
Vegan Muscle and Fitness

Upcoming Contest Dates:

• August 18th – NPC Jay Cutler Classic VA
• September 23 – WNBF Pro Universe NY

Derek Tresize


  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Corrective Exercise Specialist
  • BS in Biology from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University
  • World Natural Bodybuilding Federation and Naturally Fit Federation Men’s Physique Pro
  • Co-author, The Vegan Muscle & Fitness Guide to Bodybuilding Competitions

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Derek Tresize – WNBF Pro Bodybuilder


I’m originally from San Diego, CA where I spent all my free time in athletic pursuits from organized sports to martial arts to surfing and kayaking. I took up weightlifting in early high school and this love of weight training carried me naturally into bodybuilding as my physique developed. I also realized early on that I have a contagious enthusiasm in the gym: I can’t wait to get everyone around me as excited as I am about fitness.

Derek Tresize Derek Tresize Derek Tresize


I have become increasingly passionate about health and, as I continue to learn about biology, I am awed by the amazing intricacy of all aspects of life coming together so that it may thrive. This is why a holistic approach to health is the only approach that makes sense to me and the only way that will guarantee phenomenal and lifelong results. When I met Marcella seven years ago and began educating myself about veganism and reading the works of Dr. Campbell and Dr. Fuhrman, I saw the scientific literature regarding the detriments of animal product consumption firsthand and knew there was no going back. I have since been spreading the word and striving to lead by example using fitness and bodybuilding as a means to demonstrate the amazing health benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet.

Derek Tresize

Competitive Placing

• 2017 Naturally Fit Super Show: Pro Men’s Physique – 2nd
• 2015 WNBF Pro Universe: Pro Men’s Physique – 2nd
• 2014 INBF Southwest Natural: Men’s Physique – 1st, WNBF Pro Card Awarded
• 2013 INBF Southwest Natural: Men’s Bodybuilding Light Heavyweight – 1st
• 2013 OCB Battle of Tidewater: Men’s Bodybuilding Open Tall Class – 4th
• 2012 OCB Bodysculpting Open: Men’s Novice Tall Class – 1st, Men’s Open Tall Class – 2nd
• 2011 NPA Master’s Universe: Men’s Open Middleweight – 3rd
• 2011 NANBF Washington State Natural: Men’s Open Middle Height – 3rd


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Derek Tresize
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